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Welcome to the online home of Terri Romanoff-Newman, PhD, where child welfare and well-being come first. While relationships between parents don’t always work out, I believe that divorces and separations do not have to negatively affect a child’s life and I provide services that will help parents come together, find a compromise, and make decisions that will help their children. I believe that with my help, families can come together and learn to avoid adversarial systems that create negative and hurtful relationships while also promoting strategies that lessen stress and create opportunities for solutions.
Please explore my website to see the many services that I offer. Parents like you already enjoy my services and have found real help for their problems because of the training, consultation, and mediation we provide. With my help, positivity can overcome the feelings of hurt, frustration, and betrayal you may be experiencing. To learn more about how I can help, please call or use my online contact form.

Financial Policy, Philosophy, and Informed Consent:

The following philosophies describe my commitment to helping families to develop positive learning strategies using the concepts of Mediation and Parental Consultation. This is a goal-oriented, humanistic, and respectful process. No information will be released to persons or agencies outside your consent, except by a court order. If anyone wants information from your records, your permission in writing is required.
Financial Policy 60-minute Mediator and Parental Consultation, $ 250. Clients are responsible for upholding the agreement between us. Payment is collected at the end of each session.
My office takes appointments during the daytime, evenings and weekends to meet your needs. Please remember that I am not providing therapy and I am a neutral which means that I do not have a preconceived idea about what is right or wrong for a client and listen carefully to your needs.

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