My Services


Unfortunately, things do always go as well as you planned. If you have legal issues with one of your clients, suppliers, or customers, you may need mediation services. I can help you resolve your disputes for the best possible outcome. Because going to court can be time-consuming and prohibitively expensive, mediation may be a better option for you than bringing the dispute before a legal court. I will act as a completely neutral third-party to handle disputes professionally, responsibly, and fairly for both sides involved.

Parental Consulting

Whether you are going through a divorce or are experiencing post-divorce problems, one thing never changes. The needs of the children should always come first. But sometimes good decisions can be difficult when feelings of hurt, frustration, or betrayal are still fresh. That’s why families like yours have come to rely on my agency to provide parental consulting. I will remain a neutral third party voice who will help both parents come to strong decisions and compromises that will help decrease negativity, nurture child development, and help keep the peace. Call today to learn more.